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by Xoz pally, 73 days ago

Hey guys!

As Tempted raises once again so dose our Raid Team. Below you will fiind all the open spots still to be filled for the Raid Team. If you have any questions or qould like to sign up please get in touch with one of the officers in game (this includes xoz as well). Also just to let you guys know that if you don't sign for the main team then you wont be invited to the Monday or the Wednesday raids. We will be making a social raid but that Is to be confirmed with the officers when that will be. Anyone is welcome to join the social raid.

Guild Raid's will be on Monday and Wednesday 21:00 - 23:00.

   Guardian Druid (On Trial)
   Protection Warrior/ Pally
   Mage (Any Spec)
   Mage (Any Spec) (ON TRIAL)
   Enhancement Shaman
   Balance Druid
   Feral Druid
   Warlock (any spec) (ON TRIAL)
  Shadow Priest (ON TRIAL)
  Rogue (any spec) (TAKEN)
  Warrior (Fury) (ON TRIAL)
  Death Knight (ON TRIAL)
  Hunter (any spec)
  Hunter (any spec)
  WW monk (TAKEN)
  Demon Hunter
  Holy Pally (TAKEN)
  Resto Druid (ON TRIAL)
  Resto Shamman
  Holy/Disc Priest (ON TRIAL)


If you would like to be considered for the raid team please contact any of the officers in game. Also please let us know your availability.



Tempted Officers.

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We are Number One!!!

by Xoz pally, 157 days ago

Hey guys,


So a little story, Myself and a couple of the officers where doing some Mythic dungeons and invited a DPS warrior from the guild into the group. This warrior was new to the guild and said that he had seen us being number one on a website for guild activity and for most members on the server. So i checked this out on Wow Pop (if you search for draenor we are there) Number One. But this is the awesome part this is against 9077 other guilds we are number ONE.


I would just love to thank the officers for helping the guild so much and getting us to this stage as well. Also thanks to everyone that has sticked it with the guild and helped to make it an enjoyable place for gamers to come and enjoy the game.


 Thanks again,



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